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Need help in your housework?

Residential Cleaning Service

Looking for a reliable company but couldn’t? Look for us! Our workers are trained professionally to handle different household expectations.

Our fully insured house cleaning service allows us to provide a comprehensive cleaning service at your convenience. We will even bring all the basic cleaning materials on request..

One time spring cleaning

Spring is the proper time for the people of Malaysia to clean their houses. Most of the people take this season as an opportunity to clean their houses. We provide you the solution of organised cleaning that you would love to hire. We can do the cleaning job of your house with or without your presence. You don’t need o clean your house all by yourself. You can administer our work while we clean your house. We possess the right kind of equipment’s to make the cleaning process easier. You don’t need to wear the same clothes that you used to.

Weekly Cleaning Service

Malaysia is a country where you don’t need to clean your house on a daily basis. It is rather suitable to clean your house on weekly basis. Most of the people prefer this mode of cleaning. As part of the weekly cleaning services, we provide toilet cleaning services. The professionals will visit your home with the desired equipment’s to clean your toilets. This service also includes the mopping and vacuuming of your floors. This service includes cleaning of your clothes, ironing of your clothes, stove area cleaning, cleaning of your windows, and kitchen and room cleaning. We charge your on hourly basis for these services. For little extra hours of services we provide you discounts.

Carpet Cleaning

Most of the people have vacuum cleaners but they don’t know how to use the vacuum cleaners to clean their carpets. This becomes a disadvantage for them while they can’t dispose the carpets because of the advantages they provide. We provide the services that will make your carpet look clean. Your carpets will smell good after getting served by our company. The main motto of providing carpet cleaning services is to provide you a healthy environment to live. We employ a special team for cleaning your carpets at your home. These people have years of experience in carpet cleaning.

Curtains and blinds

We specialise in curtains and blinds. Most of the times, you stay confused to use the right kind of curtains at the right places. We offer you the professionals who can solve your problems related to curtains and blinds within no time.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning will be needed by anyone who goes through a pre/post tenancy move-in/move-out, post renovation, or pre-move in/ move out event. Our post renovation cleaning service, which takes place in a single cleaning session, is specially tailored to meet the changing demands of modern living, and help you quickly and comfortably settle down in your spotless new house!